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Major Tax Deferment or Elimination

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5 ways we help sellers
achieve freedom through cash flow.

Tax minimization. We can customize your transaction in an effort to reduce your tax obligation when you sell to us.

Did you know you can defer and in many cases permanently reduce your tax obligation of both depreciation recapture and capital gains when you sell on an installment contract?

Your money working for you >

Long term monthly cash flow.

Your Tax Savings + Your Equity X Interest = Nice long term passive monthly cash flow.

Income for life >

Leave an easy asset for your legacy to enjoy.

Sometimes passing down the responsibility of rental property doesn’t leave the legacy intended. Consider your heirs receiving monthly checks instead, easy to put right into the transaction for you.

Leave your legacy >

Cash you need today! We never charge a commission!

New sports car or SUV? Or maybe a trip around the world? Our transaction will give you the cash you need today to do what you want to do tomorrow!

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Eliminate landlord liability and responsibility.

No tenants, No buildings, No problems, just monthly checks. You’re fully secured against the real estate with none of the hassles or risks of ownership!

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How it all works in about 2 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to maximize your profits when selling

This free downloadable report will provide some insight into how we work to maximize the sellers profits.

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